Qur’aan Memorization Tracker Pink

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The Qur’aan Memorization Tracker will aid the student in staying focused and motivated to push through in their journey. Inside the book, there is a year daily tracker and a monthly reflection page after each month. You will also find Juz 25-30 tracking pages. Each juz has an ayah tracker where you can mark the ayat off as you go. Then there is a page for each surah to do some tafseer reflection. Following the surah reflection pages you have the Surah Tracker. As you complete each Surah in that particular juz you can mark it off.

1 review for Qur’aan Memorization Tracker Pink

  1. Basimah

    As Salaamu alaykum,
    First I’d like to say Alhamdulilah for Riaayah Institute and Aaminah creating these cute and beneficial journals. The journal will help me stay focused and organized when reading and memorizing. I love how detailed it is and how it allows me to express my thoughts and reflect on the Surahs. I’ve made a great purchase and cannot wait to see what else Riaayah Institute has for us. Side note, these journals make great Eid gift as well. May Allah allow these journals to be a great benefit to each individual who embarks on this journey. Ameen

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